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I'm Andy, a Digital (UI/UX) Designer & Front-end Engineer based in Dublin with over 8 years experience.

My true passion is to create meaningful things that make a difference in people's lives and solving complex problems by turning them into pixel perfect, simple and intuitive UI designs.

What is Webpack and how to use it

When you’re working on complex web apps you will most likely need to use different javascript libraries. Some libraries can be installed using Bower or Npm and can run directly in the Browser such as: ReactJS, AngularJS, jQuery, Underscore...

How do you know if the website has a good UX?

I remember when I arrived in Ireland, on a scale from 0 to 10 my english level was 0.5 . Even though my english level was so bad and there was no Google Translate at that time, I managed to use websites that only had the english language and I was...

What is a React Native Component?

In this article I will explain you what a React Native component is and what is the basic structure of a component. If you didn’t setup your environment yet please check the How to create your first React Native app article. Let’s create...