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Welcome to my UI/UX design blog.

About me

I'm Andy, a UI/UX designer based in Dublin with over 8 years experience. I'm a reliable designer with a technical background and a passion for cognitive psychology. I love to design pixel perfect websites and mobile apps and I always come up with fresh ideas for clean and stylish designs which will impress visitors and keep them intrigued. I mainly focus on user experience, graphic design, clean HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript code. My designs are made with care and attention to detail and I always listen to customer's feedback, adjust, improve and fine-tune every pixel on the canvas.

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Dear Apple… you had one Job(s)

Here are my thoughts about iPhone 6 after about 2 years of using it daily. I always liked Apple for its logical decisions Before iPhone was launched, “smart” phones still had buttons and this was weird because not all applications had...

Why compressing images is important for your website?

I was asked by many website owners why their website is loading so slow and they were worried there could be something wrong with their CMS or the server. To check the load time I use PageSpeed Tool from Google. This tool will analyse your website...