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Welcome to my UI/UX design blog.

About me

I'm Andy, a UI/UX designer based in Dublin with over 8 years experience. I'm a reliable designer with a technical background and a passion for cognitive psychology. I love to design pixel perfect websites and mobile apps and I always come up with fresh ideas for clean and stylish designs which will impress visitors and keep them intrigued. I mainly focus on user experience, graphic design, clean HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript code. My designs are made with care and attention to detail and I always listen to customer's feedback, adjust, improve and fine-tune every pixel on the canvas.

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Useful GIT aliases which I use every day

I’ve been using git full time for the past 4 years, and I wanted to share the most useful aliases that I’ve used along the way. Hopefully, it will be useful to somebody out there. A git alias is simply a way to add a shorthand for a common Git...

My design process

My design process consists of one or multiple iterations through the following 6 stages: 1. Strategy This first stage contains the following 3 sections: The problem that needs to be solved The context which includes the company value and long-term...

Dear Apple… you had one Job(s)

Here are my thoughts about iPhone 6 after about 2 years of using it daily. I always liked Apple for its logical decisions Before iPhone was launched, “smart” phones still had buttons and this was weird because not all applications had...