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I'm Andy, a UI Designer & Engineer based in Dublin with over 8 years experience. I love to create pixel perfect user interfaces and I always come up with fresh ideas for clean and stylish designs which will impress visitors and keep them intrigued. I mainly focus on user experience, graphic design, HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript. My designs are made with care and attention to detail and I always listen to customer's feedback, adjust, improve and fine-tune every pixel on the canvas.

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Why I like Sketch more than Photoshop

As a designer, I worked with Adobe Photoshop for more than 8 years. I want my designs to be pixel perfect so I’m always open to try new tools that could simplify my design process.   What is Sketch Sketch is a vector design tool for Mac...

Using drunk users to test the UX

I just found this video about a UX Designer testing the Gizmodo website for $100 after he drank some alcohol and I think is a brilliant idea.
Using drunk users to test the user experience might become popular… What do you think?