UI/UX Design
Hi, I'm Andy!

UI/UX designer based in Dublin with over 7 years experience.

About me

I'm a reliable designer that loves to design cool websites and mobile apps. I always come up with fresh ideas for clean and stylish designs which will impress your visitors and keep them intrigued. I mainly focus on graphic design, clean HTML5 and CSS3 code with some Javascript for a better user experience. My designs are made with care and attention to detail and I always listen to customer's feedback, adjust, improve and fine-tune every pixel on the canvas.

If you have any question, please Contact me

What are UX Personas and why are they important

I have to admit that when I started my career in design about 7 years ago, creating personas was one of the most useless and weird step in the whole design process. I was trying to avoid this part as much as possible. I read books and online...

My previous portfolio design

This was my previous portfolio. It was a heavy graphic single page portfolio which was not responsive either. It was a nice design and I received many compliments for it but things have changed a lot since 3 years ago when I built this design. Now...